An ambitious construction and project management company.

Forward Thinkers

We are forward-thinking and innovative in our services, providing independent advice on all aspects of construction development, architecture, building and operational matters.

To provide the best quality of service and customer care for our clients, we draw on the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over many years within the industry covering the areas of property development, management, and construction.

Agile Methodologies

In addition to conventional construction techniques, Beek Build strives to incorporate numerous 'agile' project management and construction methodologies, increasing your project's flexibility and visibility for collaboration among clients, architects, and subcontractors. Ensuring a customised, fully-integrated experience and a timely response to each and every client need.

Our success is a result of our commitment to ensuring client satisfaction through the development of strong bonds, comprehension of client goals, and our track record of performance.

Values & Beliefs

These values serve as the foundation for everything our company does. They have a place in each and every interaction, choice, and conversation we have.
Be Admirable & Engage Fearlessly

To be amazing, we must be fearless. We must not shy away from the difficult things or put off problems we need to solve today. Projects aren’t perfect. People aren’t perfect. Be honest, be upfront, do what we say we will. Be curious, ask questions, assess situations constantly – this is how we understand everyone’s needs how we deliver great projects. Assess twice, act once.

Evolve, Adapt & Thrive Together

Just because that’s how we did things 5 years ago, doesn’t mean that’s how we should do it today. We need to evolve and adapt, constantly looking for opportunities to be even better than we are today. No project is the same, no employee is the same, no customer is the same. We can learn from everyone and from every experience. When we thrive, it brings immense satisfaction and enjoyment. We’re better together when we thrive together.

Enjoy the Journey & Breathe

To ensure our clients have a great experience, sometimes projects for us can be stressful. We manage the stress for our clients. Taking time to reflect on what we’ve done & where we’re at helps us not lose sight of where we’re going. Celebrate wins along the way. We believe in “breathing” when things are tough, and enjoying the “little” things, whether related to a project, our lives, or our self. Looking out for each other’s wellness, & our own, is super important.

Key Accountability

We’re all masters of our own plans, and while we may all walk a path differently, we make sure we do this in a way that meets the accountability/ownership of the project, the team, and our clients. Whether it be a commitment we make or a project we’re delivering, making it happen is part of our DNA. If the unexpected happens, we’re already working on a solution. We can lead the industry, lead internally, & lead others. Our team and customers should feel like one team.


Going beyond the typical confines of the office, our in-house initiatives shape our company culture.

Our culture at Beek Build goes beyond the typical confines of the office, including productivity, well-being, and a strong commitment to work-life balance within every aspect of our daily operations. We recognise that the health of our team is essential to our performance as it promotes a positive outlook that is driven by innovation, productivity, and agility.

Through our Elevate program, we envision a construction industry enriched with diversity, innovation, and productivity. We're building a legacy of equality, inclusion, and empowerment.

The 'Fortnightly Friday at Four' (FFF) iniative is the cornerstone of our cultural ethos and demonstrates our commitment to building strong, interconnected relationships within our team.

Every fortnight, we knock off at 4pm and commence an activity uniquely crafted by one of our own team members on rotation throughout the year. Whether it’s hitting the golf course or kicking back at the office, each session is an opportunity for our team members to showcase their interests.

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Core Alliance

Representing Beek Build's strategic collaboration with top-tier specialists.
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At Beek Build, we utilise an external network of top-tier specialists for fields that fall out of our in-house capabilities such as legal, accounting, HR and marketing.

By partnering with our core alliance network, we ensure that every aspect of our operations are managed by leading experts in their respective fields. This approach allows us to focus on our construction expertise while leveraging the specialised skills of our Core Alliance to maintain quality, consistency, and innovation across all facets of our business.

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We proudly partner with a variety of South Australian foundations, events, associations and government bodies.

A simple and agile approach to construction and project management, with artisan attention to quality.

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