A transformative community engagement program dedicated to reshaping the construction industry.

Empowering People, Elevating Construction.

Our mission is to empower aspiring professionals through hands-on learning, fostering a diverse and skilled workforce.

Through Elevate, Beek Build envisions a construction industry enriched with diversity, innovation, and productivity. We're building a legacy of equality, inclusion, and empowerment. Join us in laying the foundation for a more inclusive tomorrow.



Aboriginal & First Nations Participation

In 2025, Elevate turns it's attention to Aboriginal and First Nations communities. By integrating traditional knowledge and modern construction practices, we aim to create a harmonious and enriching learning environment. This initiative will not only enhance skills but also pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of these communities.


Empowering the Disabled

Elevate extends its reach to the disabled community in 2026. By adapting workplaces and training programs, we ensure accessible and inclusive opportunities. This effort goes beyond compliance with accessibility standards, striving to genuinely understand and meet the unique needs of disabled individuals in the construction industry.


Uplifting the Disadvantaged

In 2027, Elevate focuses on those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We're committed to levelling the playing field, because everybody deserves equal opportunities. This initiative is more than just industry training, it's about offering hope and tangible opportunities for a brighter future.

2024 Applications Now Open

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