Ski for Life 2024: Beek Build are Making Waves for Mental Health Awareness.

We're excited to get behind our good friend Mathew Gough and his team 'Ski 4 T' for their 2024 Ski For Life campaign.

Ski for life see’s people from all over Australia come together to water ski along the 456km Murray River stretch between Murray Bridge and Renmark to shed some light on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Over the long weekend Mathew and his team, hit the water, skiing to raise funds that will support a grant program enabling individuals and communities to bring their projects and events to fruition. Ski for Life is dedicated to backing and financing initiatives aimed at raising awareness about mental health and preventing suicide.

Through their journey along the Murray River, 'Ski For T' and other participants have brought hope and awareness to communities, emphasising the importance of conversation and support in combating mental health challenges.

As part of our community initiative, Beek Build are proud to get behind the boys on their 2024 campaign and extend this crucial conversation to our audience.

For those who wish to learn more and contribute: click here.

A huge congratulations on your efforts this year fellas!

Together we can make a difference.