CMAX Clinical Research Bridge

Enhancing connectivity and facilities at 18A and 21 North Terrace, Adelaide.

CMAX Clinical Research Pty Ltd
Construction Management
Navigating the complexities of construction within a live medical environment amid COVID-19.

The CMAX Bridge Connection Works project was an intricate undertaking valued at $650,000, aimed at enhancing the medical facilities between 18A Level 5 to 21 North Terrace Level 6. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, the project involved constructing a new file storage room, internal ramping to a connecting bridge, care facilities, a sterilisation station, and an additional isolation room within an operational medical site.

The project demanded rigorous infection control measures due to the high risk of contamination in a building conducting medical trials. Beek Build's team introduced stringent site induction processes for all personnel, including trades, ensuring compliance with health protocols, vaccination requirements, and infection prevention strategies.

Effective communication and an agile project management approach were critical to the project's success. The team regularly adapted work schedules and maintained open lines of dialogue with clinical and trades teams, providing insights into the necessity of certain on-site practices. This flexibility and continuous reassessment allowed the project to evolve with the changing COVID-19 environment.

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