CMAX PC2 Labs & Isolation Rooms

Constructing new PC2 laboratories and infection control isolation rooms.

CMAX Clinical Labs
Construction Management
Design & Construct
Maintaining the delicate balance between advancing the construction process and preserving the integrity of CMAX's ongoing clinical activities.

Beek Build recently demonstrated its unparalleled expertise and adaptive project management capabilities by successfully constructing new PC2 laboratories and infection control isolation rooms with negative pressure for CMAX. This project was particularly challenging due to the necessity of working within a live, operational environment, which required meticulous planning and execution to avoid disruptions to CMAX's critical clinical operations.

The essence of this project's challenge lay in maintaining the delicate balance between advancing the construction process and preserving the integrity of CMAX's ongoing clinical activities. Daily communication and coordination with CMAX's clinical teams were paramount to manage potential disturbances such as noise, dust, and vibrations. Beek Build's proactive approach ensured that all parties were informed of scheduled works and any potential impact, allowing for timely adjustments to maintain a seamless operational flow.

Recognising the sensitive nature of CMAX's operations, Beek Build tailored its project management strategies to align with the unique demands of constructing PC2 labs and isolation rooms in a live environment. This included implementing stringent infection control measures, establishing negative pressure environments to prevent cross-contamination, and carefully scheduling construction activities to minimize operational disruptions.

Our commitment to excellence was evident in the project's timely and on-budget completion, despite the complexities involved. Our team's adeptness in navigating the challenges of a live medical environment, coupled with our rigorous adherence to project timelines and budgets, underscored our ability to manage and execute highly specialised construction projects.

The successful completion of the new PC2 labs and infection control isolation rooms at CMAX is a testament to Beek Build's expertise in managing and executing construction projects within sensitive and operational medical environments. Our ability to maintain CMAX's full operations, without compromise to safety or clinical activities, highlights our position as a leader in the construction industry, particularly in the specialized sector of medical and research facility upgrades. This project not only showcases Beek Build's technical capabilities but also our commitment to client collaboration, project transparency, and adaptive problem-solving to meet and exceed project expectations.

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