155 Fullarton Road

Breathing new life into the commercial space with a contemporary open floor plan.

GRAMARL Investments
Design & Construct
A thoughtful construction approach to minimize disruption for ground floor tenants.

For the 155 Fullarton Road project, Beek Build undertook the task of demolishing all internal walls on the first level to open up a 450sqm area, which included reconfiguring the layout and upgrading the bathrooms. The execution required sensitive construction practices to avoid disturbing the ground floor tenants, emphasising noise reduction and maintaining clear pathways. The bathroom renovations featured new sanitary fixtures, tiling, toilet partitions, and custom vanity designs, aiming to modernise the space with functional and aesthetic improvements.

One of the project's special touches was the joinery design, which showcased marble vanities paired with a carefully selected wall tiling colour scheme, creating a standout design feature. The project faced a significant challenge when a structural steel beam was discovered in the location planned for new plumbing during the concrete slab scanning. This hurdle was skillfully overcome by altering the female bathroom's design to include a nib wall for plumbing clearance and repositioning the vanity, ensuring the functionality without compromising the original design vision.

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