Vibe Fitness

Transforming an existing retail space into a dynamic fitness facility.

Vibe Fitness
Design & Construct
New Build
Versatility and expertise in design and construction within specialised environments.

Beek Build led the transformation of an existing retail space into the dynamic Vibe Fitness facility, a project that underscores our versatility and expertise in design and construction within specialised environments. This comprehensive renovation project highlights our ability to adapt and reconfigure spaces to meet the intricate demands of modern fitness facilities.

The project began with an extensive demolition phase, clearing the way for a complete overhaul of the space. Every step, from demolition to the finishing touches, was meticulously planned and executed to meet the unique needs of the client. The construction included the addition of male and female change rooms and toilets, which are essential amenities for any state-of-the-art gym facility.

Recognising the diverse needs of gym-goers, we strategically divided the vast space into different activity zones. Each zone was designed to accommodate various fitness activities, from high-intensity interval training and weightlifting to yoga and pilates. This layout allows for a harmonious flow of activities, enabling members to transition seamlessly from one zone to another, engaging in their preferred workouts without interference.

Addressing the mechanical and acoustic requirements was crucial for a multi-activity gym environment. We installed advanced mechanical systems to ensure optimal air quality and temperature control across the different zones. Acoustic treatments were meticulously planned and implemented, ensuring that noise from high-energy classes or equipment did not disrupt the calm and focus in yoga or pilates sessions. These measures have created a comfortable and conducive environment for all members, regardless of their fitness routine.

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