86 Semaphore Road

Reimagining history, a blend of modernity and heritage.

Semaphore Blue
Design & Construct
Construction Management
A symphony of past and present.

The client at 86 Semaphore Road approached Beek Build to assist in the renovations of a heritage building. With only limited design drawings completed by the architect, Beek Build took over this client to assist through a design and construct model to achieve a desired outcome.

A challenge we were faced with on this project was maintaining the existing concrete facade whilst installing new structural steel work and dividing the space into three individual tenancies to meet new building codes.

This job included the meticulous dismantling of an old bank vault, a relic hidden in the building. The vault was carefully removed, echoing the 1969 hand-drawn architectural blueprints that guided the team (see pictures below). With their precise proportions and historical significance, these plans became part of the project's story.

With the vault removed, strategic propping and additional structural steel were used to ensure structural integrity. It took sheer power and exquisite precision to remove concrete, manage waste, and level the floor for new foundations. Coordinating structural rehabilitation from engineering to implementation showed the team's dedication to preserving tradition and creating modern spaces.

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