North Adelaide Golf Links

A state-of-the-art catering haven for events of every scale.

Adelaide City Council
A full-scale transformation of the commercial kitchen at North Adelaide Golf Links.

This extensive renovation has outfitted the kitchen with the newest culinary equipment, making it ideal to host a wide range of events, including formal corporate meetings to wedding receptions. Along with this renovation, the area is a shining example of contemporary elegance and efficiency, ready to provide unforgettable dining experiences.

Significant improvements were made as part of the project, including a reworking of the mechanical and electrical systems to meet the kitchen's high performance requirements. An important addition for a busy commercial kitchen, the grease arrestor's capacity was significantly expanded to 3000L.

A smooth service experience is ensured by the creation of additional openings that offer a fluid transition from shop to kitchen, among other practical design changes. Stainless steel wall linings significantly improved the kitchen's appearance and created a sleek, modern environment that complemented the utilitarian changes.

Additionally, the addition of new rangehoods, ensures proper ventilation, which is essential for keeping the kitchen crew's workspace secure and comfortable.

Using flexibility to overcome obstacles, We successfully completed a challenging redesign of the mechanical services to comply with requirements for roof safety access. This tactical change protected functionality and compliance while also saving the customer money they hadn't anticipated.

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